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Castle Hills Dog Walking

Stuck at work? I am available to stop by as many times as you need to give your pup a potty break and exercise.  Pre schedule a date and time Sunday through Friday that best suits you and your pup's needs.


Choose between a 30 minute or 60 minute stroll for your dog.  Receive live pictures and videos of your pup enjoying time outside during his or her walk.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiring a dog walker safe?  

As your neighbor and fellow Castle Hills resident, and dog lover myself, I understand that you won't trust just anyone to care for your fur baby.  That's why I volunteer to send you pics and videos of your dog during our time together.  As a Christian, I believe in treating my neighbors with love and respect.  In addition, I can provide both personal and professional references. I am fully proficient with all types of dogs, leashes, harnesses and collars, and can gently handle an elderly dog, a shy dog, even dogs who love to pull and want to run.   

How many dogs do you walk at a time?

Currently, I only walk dogs from one household at a time. If a friend or neighbor is also interested in dog walking services, I can walk dogs from different households together, but only if both owners agree and if the dogs get along well together.

How will you get in the house?

Most walking clients prefer to meet me and get to know me as a neighbor before granting me access to their home.  The easiest way is to simply give me a spare key when we meet, which I will keep in a safe place until you ask for it back.  Another way is to remotely unlock the front or garage door if you have a smart lock or smart garage door opener.  If that sounds too techy, you can always hide a key for me.  If your pup is in the backyard, you just need to let me access the yard through a side gate. 

Book a Free Consultation!

I offer free telephone or in person consultations prior to our first walk or training date.  Call, text, or email me today!


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