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Private In-Home Training

Simply put, I will teach you how to be your dog's best friend. Whether you're looking for basic obedience training, advanced off leash obedience, or need specialized behavior modification training, I will come to your house and work on your specific goals with you. This is a fully customized program. There is no set curriculum and we will work together to build a fully individualized training plan. In-home training is available every day of the week, including evenings and weekends, though the waits for those appointments may be longer due to increased demand.

Behavior Modification 

If your dog is older than 6 months and is demonstrating unwanted behavior, you may need behavior modification training. This type of training differs slightly from puppy foundation and basic obedience in that the dog has already learned a behavior that we want to change.  Instead of trying to address a dog’s problems just by fixing the symptoms (as many others do), my philosophy is focused on finding and correcting the root causes of a dog’s behavioral problems. This involves providing the dog a clear path to success from the ground up. I believe in teaching the right communication channels, and the concept of turning off pressure, which reduces the dog’s stress levels during the training and enhances the dog’s learning capabilities. This methodology ensures that a dog obtains superior skills in navigating our world; which also makes a dog’s bad behaviors become a thing of the past.

Basic Obedience

Dog training is an art form and it takes years to become an expert. However, through the essentials you will learn during our private sessions, you will take your dog ownership to the next level right away.  Although you won’t master this field overnight, you will quickly develop the essential skills needed to teach all the basic commands like sit, down, stay, on your bed, come, drop it, leave it, and heel.  In addition, you’ll discover a greater relationship with your dog, as you will have the tools to address the bad behaviors that may have frustrated you or pushed you further away from your companion. I believe that improving the lives of dogs, along with their owners, is the most important thing. 

Advanced Obedience

Once you've mastered the basic obedience commands, we will start to push the envelope and transition to advanced off-leash obedience.  You will go from sit, down, and stay to things like a focused off leash heel with distractions, long distance recall, and extended down-stay.  Your dog will come when called the first time, every time, even in a high distraction environment.  If we approach dog training the correct way, your dog will listen to you because it loves you and wants to please you, not because it thinks it will get a treat.  

Castle Hills Dog Training


Do you use treats in your training?

While it is entirely possible to have a great dog that is well behaved and listens using treat reward based training, if you want 100% reliability, it is essential that we phase out treats as soon as the dog learns the behavior.  Otherwise, the dog will learn only to listen when he wants a treat, and not because he desires to please his master.  Additionally, some dogs are not food motivated. My preferred method of training uses only love and affection and play as reward.

After obedience sessions are there follow up sessions?

Recommended follow-up training ensures that you are skillfully accomplishing the training goals set for you and your dog during your initial sessions.  In a follow up appointment, we can make adjustments to the plan based on how your dog responds to ensure progress towards your unique goals.  While follow-up training is your choice, multiple sessions will produce the best results.  

How long until my dog is fully trained?

Please keep in mind that training is an ongoing process, and dogs are living beings with thoughts and feelings. Just as humans continue to learn and practice behaviors throughout our lives, so do dogs. Regardless of which program or style of training you pursue, all dogs require continued reinforcement, structure, and boundaries in order to keep their skills intact and functional throughout their lives. Because of this, I recommend having an ongoing training plan beyond one in-home training session. Whichever training program you decide to pursue, I will help you decide what the correct next step is for you and your dog.

Where will the sessions take place?

Initial sessions will be in your home. As the dog progresses, we will graduate to outside.  Follow up sessions can be held at your home or in public locations where more distractions are present.  

Are you willing to travel?

I am willing to travel almost the entire DFW metro area.  Driving fees are based on driving time and not distance.

  • ​​Zero to fifteen-minute drive: Included

  • Fifteen to forty-five-minute drive: additional $50

  • Forty-five minutes to one hour and fifteen-minute drive: $100

  • One hour and fifteen minutes to one hour and forty-five minutes: $150

Book a Free Consultation!

I offer free telephone or in person consultations prior to our first training date.  Call, text, or email me today!


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