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Executive Level Family Protection

Most law enforcement officials agree that a well trained dog is the most effective deterrent against violent crime.  If you carry a concealed weapon, bad guys can't see it and may decide you look like an easy target. But when you roll with an off leash protection dog, bad guys will cross the street and avoid your house at all costs.  Not to mention, pulling a weapon on somebody is a crime in almost every situation, but protecting yourself with a well trained canine is usually smiled upon by law enforcement. All CHK9 dogs are trained to act on both verbal commands and in response to a threat. Personal protection dogs integrate into families the same way that other pet dogs do, but with a strong instinct to guard and protect the ones they love. Contrary to military/police dogs, guard dogs and watch dogs, a family protection dog’s job is not only to protect, but to be a family pet as well.  Your protection dog will be good around children, and be trained to adapt to your lifestyle and routine.  

A family protection dog can serve several different roles, including:

  • An everyday companion and pet

  • A dependable home security system

  • A personal bodyguard during late night errands and outdoor workouts

  • A vigilant guardian of children during outdoor play

  • An extra set of loyal eyes constantly monitoring your children, home, and belongings



Are protection dogs safe?

The short answer is yes.  A fully-trained protection dog that has bonded with you and your family is safer than an untrained pet dog of any breed. A better question to ask is, "are any dogs safe?".  Pet dogs of any breed can be a threat to  your family if not properly trained.  Your CHK9 will be as quick to lie down on command for your toddler as he will be to charge at a home intruder.  

What is the best breed for personal protection?

Opinions vary from trainer to trainer, but my personal recommendations are Cane Corso, Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, and Dogo Argentino.  Everyone's unique situation, lifestyle and environment will dictate which breed is best suited to your family's needs. 

Do you sell fully trained adult protection dogs or puppies?

If you are serious about owning a protection dog, we will schedule a phone call for an in depth consultation. Together, we will determine what breed best suits your lifestyle and situation and I will guide you through the puppy selection process to ensure that you will have a stable working dog.  I will guide you through all aspects of environmental set up, puppy foundation, obedience, and advanced obedience prior to doing any "protection" training.  This way, the puppy is socialized around your family, kids and other animals and all the training is done by your side. The dog will develop a strong bond with you and your family and as a result, your dog will grow into a well balanced, mild mannered family pet who is able to distinguish between a threat and a non-threatening situation.  If you need protection now and can't wait two years to raise a puppy, I will consider selling one of my dogs to the right home. Please CLICK HERE to see available dogs.

How long until my dog is fully trained?

When starting with a puppy it is important to know that a very strong foundation of bonding with the family and advanced obedience must be established prior to any agitation training.  Depending on the breed and personality of the dog, advanced protection techniques are not learned until the dog is about 18-24 months of age.  Once the dog has reached a critical level of maturity and obedience, the advanced scenarios such as building search, home invasions, multiple attackers, car jacking prevention, boundary search, and intense decoy bite work will begin. The dog will not be a "fully trained" protection dog until it is about two and a half years to three years old.   However, a big dog showing advanced off leash obedience and ability to bark on command will be an effective deterrent by about one year.

How much does a protection dog cost?

Directly related to the question above, "how long does it take?" is the question of "how much does it cost?".  A quick Google search for "protection dog near me" or "protection dog North Texas" will reveal some amazing dogs for sale advertised as "fully trained".  You will also find that these amazing dogs range anywhere from $60,000-$125,000.  It is not uncommon for a police department to spend this much on a dog.  What these trainers won't tell you is that these dogs have not been raised with your family and therefore do not have as strong of a bond as if you had raised it yourself.  As a result it takes about 6 months to learn how to handle the dog and build that bond.  It does take hundreds of dedicated hours by a highly trained expert spent every day for a number of years to properly train a protection dog, so these prices are arguably justifiable.  However, these high end adult dogs usually only come with a few training sessions, where the trainer teaches you how to become the handler.  At Castle Hills K9, if you train your protection dog with me, I will be your trainer for life.  I spend on average two to three years meeting with clients about once every few months until you are satisfied with your dog's abilities.  If you're not in a hurry and are looking for a more affordable way to have a dog that is the same caliber or better than those six figure dogs, then Castle Hills Executive Level Family Protection package may be for you. Raising a puppy in your own home is the most rewarding and affordable way for the average person to have access to executive level family protection because the client actually does the work.  CLICK HERE for CHK9 protection package pricing.

Where will the sessions take place?

Initial sessions will be in your home. As the dog progresses, we will graduate to outside.  Follow up sessions can be held at your home or in public locations where more distractions are present.  

Are you willing to travel?

I am willing to travel almost the entire DFW metro area.  Driving fees are based on driving time and not distance.

  • ​​Zero to fifteen-minute drive: Included

  • Fifteen to forty-five-minute drive: additional $50

  • Forty-five minutes to one hour and fifteen-minute drive: $100

  • One hour and fifteen minutes to one hour and forty-five minutes: $150

Book a Free Consultation!

Booking a protection training session requires a mandatory free consultation.  Call, text, or email me today!


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